Fluid Neue Theme Manual

Please note that this theme currently has limited support, meaning we may provide bug fixes and security updates, but are not regularly updating it. As of March 31, 2018 we will be discontinuing support completely for our WordPress and Tumblr products. Thank you for understanding.

Fluid is for everyone. With over a million installs in over a dozen countries, it's Tumblr's most popular theme and for good reason. Now in it's second incarnation, Fluid Neue features totally rebuilt audio and photoset mechanics, upgraded framing and shadows, integrated Twitter, Instagram and Flickr feeds, and the slickest share widget ever made. And, as always, it's totally free.

High-Res Photoset Viewer

Enabling "Fluid Redux Photosets" in the customization sidebar will display your photosets in a "stacked" or minimized container, creating a tidier feed:


But we've also improved the native Tumblr photoset mechanic, to display photoset thumbnails at a higher resolution:


Both options feature a clickable, transparent exif-data overlay and subtle drop shadows around the image frame.

Instagram Feed

Fluid features a sidebar feed displaying recent images uploaded to your Instagram account. However, unlike other integrated third party apps (e.g. Twitter, Soundcloud) that simply require your username, Instagram requires you to authorize Fluid to have access to your photos. It's super easy though, using your Instagram "Access Token:"

  • First, go here and (after logging in) you'll be redirected to a page displaying your "Instagram Access Token." Copy it!
  • Now head back to Fluid's customization sidebar and paste the Access Token into the corresponding "Instagram Access Token" field. Customize the field's name and color, and you're all set!

Flickr Feed

Similar to the Instagram feed, Fluid can also be configured to display recent images added to your Flickr account. Simply input your Flickr ID into the corresponding field in the customization sidebar and choose how many photos you'd like displayed.

Redesigned Audio Player

Fluid now features totally redesigned audio player, with expanded album information and album art.


Share Widget

Among Fluid's most playful additions is an animated share widget with dedicated Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr Reblog buttons.

Auto-Hiding Metadata

Fluid's post metadata (date, time, etc.) auto-hides, only displaying when the cursor is within a post's container.

General Settings

Custom Avatar Image

Fluid allows you to upload an author photo, optimally sized at 100x100px.


Fluid will auto-translate to any Tumblr-supported language

Infinite Scroll

Fluid's infinite scroll is click-to-load.

Solid Background Color

To enable a solid-color background on your blog, simply check the "Solid Background Color" box in the customization sidebar. Selecting your background's (hex) color is the same as it ever was.

Expanded Twitter Integration

Fluid features easy setup to Twitter, and allows you to customize the number of tweets displayed in the theme's sidebar.

"Likes" in the Sidebar

Fluid also displays posts you've recently liked, in a collapsable container within the sidebar.

Google Analytics

Fluid Neue now features support for Google Analytics

Social Media Support

Fluid Neue supports and links up easily to: Dribbble, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Skype, RSS, LinkedIn, LastFM, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Google, Flickr, FourSquare, Rdio, Instagram, Pinterest, Github, and Svpply.

Additional Page Support

Of course.