Gastown Theme Manual

Please note that this theme currently has limited support, meaning we may provide bug fixes and security updates, but are not regularly updating it. As of March 31, 2018 we will be discontinuing support completely for our WordPress and Tumblr products. Thank you for understanding.


Larger posts

Have a post that deserves a bit more visual real estate? Simply tag that post "large" and it'll display twice as big in your post feed.


Pro-tip: Add an underscore before the tag: "_large". Tumblr treats "large" and "_large" more or less the same; however, the underscore tells Tumblr not to visually display this tag to your readers. Keeps your metadata nice and clean.

Featured tags and galleries

Gastown supports up to five featured tags and galleries. When a featured tag is specified, a link to the tag gallery is added to the sidebar. Additionally, each post tagged with a featured tag will be highlighted accordingly.

To begin, simply tag your posts as usual, then return to the customization screen. Now, tell Gastown which of those tags are to be "featured" by inputting them into the "Featured tags" text field (separated by commas).

For example, say you want to feature the tags "Books" and "Bacon". Simply add "Books, Bacon" (notice the comma and space in between?) to the "Featured tags" text field. Save your changes and refresh your blog to view the changes.

Pro-tip: Use the custom colour options to personalize each of the five possible featured tags.

Twitter feed integration

Gastown comes equipped with the ability to integrate your most recent tweets directly into your blogs post feed. Along with your photo posts, video posts, and text posts, your tweets will show up chronologically as a "tweet post".

There's even an option to hide "reply tweets" display only your most important and original tweets.

Simply ensure that you allowed Twitter to connect to your Tumblr account and you're ready to go. See " How to connect your twitter to your Tumblr."

Facebook Commenting

Gastown supports Facebook commenting. Setting up FB comments is easy:

  • First, head to the Facebook Developer site and either create a new account or sign in if you already have one. Once you're logged in, click "Create New App."
  • Input any name you'd like for your hypothetical app (you're not actually making one, don't worry), do the safety dance, and click Continue. From here, you should be taken to your new app's info page.
  • Copy the App ID located just below your app's name (at the top of the page) and you're all set. Now head back to your blog and input your API ID into the "Facebook API ID" field in the customization sidebar, and make sure you've checked "Facebook Comments" on.

Disqus Commenting

Gastown also supports Disqus commenting. Simply input your Disqus shortname into the corresponding field in the customization options.

Infinite Scroll

Gastown allows you to toggle between traditional pagination and 'click-to-load' infinite scroll. Note that mobile devices, including tablets, will always display traditional pagination.

Colour options

  • Accent
  • Accent hover
  • Background
  • Featured tag

Image options

  • Logo
  • Background

Social media links

Gastown provides custom icons for: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, Svpply, Google+, Linkedin, Vimeo, YouTube, Dribbble, Behance, Instagram, Flickr, Skype, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Myspace, LastFM, Rdio, Spotify, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg, Pinboard, Foursquare, GitHub, Steam, and Etsy.