Grid's Frequently Asked Questions

There are features in the Grid demo stores that I can't find in my theme - where can I find these?

Compare your theme version/release number to the  Release notes to see if the features have been added since your version. To find your theme's version number, navigate to the theme editor (Customize), then select Theme settings, and it will be visible at the bottom left of the left side-bar (or Theme actions > Theme info). 

For example, the below screenshot shows that Dynamic checkout buttons were added in April 2018 and included in versions 3.4.0 and up only. 

Example entry from Grid's release notes with date and details

If the feature you're looking for has been added since your theme version,  update your theme to the latest version.

What dimensions should be used for Masonry images?

This section will scale images based on the size of the screen, so there is no particular size that will display in full for all screens. A good starting place is 1400px by 640px, as recommended in the theme customizer. However, since  all Pixel Union's Shopify themes feature Responsive Images, you can add the highest quality image files you have and the right image size will be displayed for whatever device the customer is using. It is important to note that regardless of the size of your images, cropping on certain screen sizes will likely occur, so using images with text or logos is not advised.

Landscape-oriented or square images tend to display more content. Conversely, portrait-oriented images will be cropped more and display less content, as you can see in the screenshot image below.

Portrait-oriented image of cloudy mountain being cropped

How do I add a Video feature to my Masonry section?

The Masonry section comes pre-loaded with 6 image blocks. To replace one or more of these with a video feature, simply select the image block you'd like to take out and find the Remove content link at the bottom of the block. 

Remove content link in Masonry block

Once a space has been made for your video feature, select Add content, then Video feature.

Add content options in theme editor

How do I activate the Masonry blog template?

The Masonry blog template (seen here) can be enabled so long as Grid is the published theme in your Online Store (even if the store is password protected before going live). 

Manage blogs links in Blog posts admin
If this is the case, go to  Online Store > Blog posts > Manage blogs and click the name of your blog. From the template box on the right, select blog.masonry from the Template suffix dropdown.

Template selector in bottom right corner of blog admin

Why aren't all my payment icons appearing in the footer?

  1. Confirm that all the preferred payment types are set up correctly in the Shopify admin (Settings > Payments)
  2. Check the Show payment icons configuration to make sure it is checked/enabled in the theme editor Footer section (Customize > Footer)
  3. Compare your theme version/release number to the Release notes to see if the icons have been added since your version. To find your Grid theme's version number, navigate to the theme editor (Customize), then select Theme settings–it should be visible at the bottom left of the left side-bar:

    Grid version displayed in theme editor sidebar
  4. If your theme is not current or was released before a payment type was added, update your theme to the latest version.

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