Configuring Your Ultimate Special Offers Settings

Inside of the Settings page, you will find the options to customize the placement of your notifications - whether the notifications appear as bars or embedded on the page, the settings will allow you to include additional discount codes and more! 


The placement section will allow you to choose the options of where your notifications will be visible to your customers. You can choose the background color, text color, and opacity of the notification so that it matches the appearance of your store. Use the dropdown menu to select the placement that feels right in your store! If the default placement options aren't well suited to your store and you'd like to customize the placement, click the 'Advanced Placement' button at the bottom of the Appearance section to be given more options. 

For example: using the code snippets below, you can customize the placement of your notifications to suit your preferences.

By default, your offer notifications which display on the cart page will display as a notification bar for the messages related to your offer (i.e. the congratulations message) and a popup that allows your customers to add additional products to their cart. By placing the snippet into your cart.liquid, cart-template.liquid or your custom cart file, it's possible to embed the offers on the actual page as an element rather than displaying the offer as a popup.

Often the embedded offers are used rather than the popups. Embedded offers will load as part of the cart page rather than being presented after the cart. Like the pop-up offers, it's possible to display the embedded offers more quickly.

Placing the code manually into your theme will allow you to customize the placement of where the corresponding volume and bundle offers are displayed. Although it's possible to place the code anywhere, the app will only recognize the code on the product and cart page. If placed on the product page the embedded notification will display all products of the bundle allowing your customers to add the entire bundle to their cart.

Multiple Discounts

By default, the app applies single offers, but you can manually set this to multiple! For example, a storewide 10% discount offer won't apply its discount with a Buy X Get Y for 50% discount offer.  If you're interested in allowing multiple offers to be allowed to discount the same product or collection, you can enable the settings for the specific offer type by checking the corresponding check box next to the offer.

A great example of how this can be useful would be a holiday sale. Creating an offer for holiday products would allow you to further discount existing offers by a certain amount without manually modify each existing offer.  After the holiday sale is over, all you would need to do is turn off the offer, and all the prices would go back to their regular discounted amount.

Credit Offer settings

Order Discount Details

The Order Discount Details section allows you to customize how the extra lines from orders are displayed within the order details. The three different options are as follows: 

Show discount details in admin order pages
Selecting this option will display all the extra discount details as line items on your Order Details page.

Show truncated discount details in admin order pages
Selecting this option will limit the discount details listed on your Order Details page.

Don’t show any discount details in admin order page
Selecting this option will disable all the extra discount details as line items on your Order Details page.

Fixed Tax Percentage

While some themes are set up to automatically display taxes, i.e. VAT and GST, next to your product prices, if you find this isn't the case on your theme you can enable this setting by adding your selected tax percentage into the input box beside where it says "Add a fixed tax percentage."  Adding your tax percentage into the input box will automatically calculate the correct tax based on the final product price after it's discounted if a discount is present.

Applying Discounts

There are two types of checkouts you can use:  the Discount Code checkout and the Draft Order checkout.

The recommended checkout type is the Discount Code checkout. To use this, you'll need to install the Companion apps. Click the 'Companion App 1' and 'Companion App 2' buttons, and then refresh your app. After the installation, you will see these as an item in your Apps section - they do not cost extra!