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How are tags set up to display in categories?

If you would like your filters to be categorized, like this example from the Supply demo store, follow the below steps:

First you add the organizing tags to the Product admin (Products > Edit product) in this format:

Interest_Animals, Interest_Art, Interest_Cooking

In the theme editor you can enable the ‘ By group’ setting, found under Sidebar.

To get here, go to  Customize > In the right side preview, open up any collection page (or select Collection page in the page dropdown) > in the left-side settings column, you will see a section called Collection pages > In here you can select By group > Save

What happened to my tags now that I've updated to the latest version?

Some settings may need to be re-configured following the updating process. To ensure you have the necessary settings configured, return to the theme editor settings steps in the previous guide. 

Can customers select multiple tags?

If Group Filters are used, you can only select one option within each group.

Also, if the Group Filter is used, when you select multiple options in different groups listed, the results will be based on  AND logic, not OR. This means that any products showing to have all of the selected tags within the admin. Some merchants have expected it to show the results of any product with any of the tags selected, but this is not reflected in the feature's function–it is more of a filter than a fishing net. 

Can the order of the tags be changed?

Tags are organized alphabetically by the platform. To have this altered otherwise is beyond the control of the theme.

What image dimensions are best for Empire?

The Responsive Images upgrade for all Pixel Union themes allows for large images to be uploaded without concern for page speed. For example, if you upload an image at 4000px by 4000px, the theme only loads the image at the pixel density required by the container of the image within the device. So if most devices have a 1x or 2x pixel density it will not load in the 4000px by 4000px–it might only load in a 1000px by 1000px or 2000px by 2000px image. 

That being said, there aren't precise dimensions that are recommended, save those found in the theme editor, but there is certainly a sweet spot between 4000px to 5000px for width and/or height. This range is ideal for high-resolution screens, but thanks to the Responsive Images feature, also only load what is necessary for quick access.

For more info on Responsive Images, refer to this article:

Responsive Images in Themes

How do I setup a mega-navigation menu?

Setting up a mega-navigation (mega-nav) menu for the Empire theme takes place in the Navigation settings and theme editor. If you have set up a mega-nav for another theme using Nested Navigation, you can skip Part 1 and  go straight to the theme editor activation.

1) Build mega-nav in the Navigation admin

Menu in Navigation Settings with Nested Menu Items

The requirements for a mega-nav menu rely on minimum of one 3rd-tier item for every 2nd-tier item. For example, in the above screenshot, the 2nd-tier item 'Bikes' has ample 3rd-tier items nested (e.g. 'Road' and 'Dual').

However there remain no 3rd-tier items for 'Accessories' or 'Clothing'–so these are added, then dragged onto the 2nd-tier item to nest below, like so:

Remaining Nested Items for Mega-nav in Navigation Settings

The key take-away here is that each 2nd-tier item has at least one 3rd-tier item. Once this is in place, proceed to Step 2.

2) Activate mega-nav in the theme editor

Now that you have a menu with all the necessary components, you can navigate to the theme customizer's Header settings (Customize > Header). Scroll to the very bottom and you will see an option to Add mega-nav.

Mega-nav settings in theme editor

The menu item you'd like the mega-nav to stem from is assigned in the Mega navigation trigger. In this example, 'Catalog' is the menu item that is going to be a mega-nav's trigger, so this titled is added to the trigger field.

Can the mega-navigation menu be displayed when the customer hovers over the menu item?

For accessibility optimization concerns, this is not an available option. This would have to be modified by a third-party developer in order to behave otherwise.

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