Creating An Event Timer

An ‘Event timer’ can be used to countdown the entire duration for a sale, whether it be 3 days or 3 months! It’s a great way to promote a holiday sale using the urgency of a countdown.

To get started, select the ‘Event timer’ by clicking the blue button on the right! When you get to the next page, you should see ‘Event timer’ as the selected timer type, like the screenshot below:


The next section is the ‘Details’ section. This is where you will set up all your super important sale info! Starting with the Name, make sure you give a distinct title for the timer - you will be the only person who sees the title, so don’t worry about coming up with anything snazzy for your business - but make sure it’s something you can remember (especially if you have more than one timer!)

The ‘Message’ will be content that is displayed in the timer for your customers to see. “Sale ends soon! 50% off everything!” is the default text as a suggestion, but feel free to remove the content and change it to include your sale details.

The ‘Button label’ and ‘Link’ sections are optional - feel free to use them to create a link to a collection or product, or anything you want to advertise to customers!


The ‘Timing’ section is a very important part the timer - this is how you will determine how long the countdown is! The Timezone will default to what you have specified in your Shopify account settings, but if you’d like to switch it up, you can use the dropdown menu here to change it to your timezone of choice.

The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ date will be the duration of your timer! This is where you’ll be able to specify how long your sale is going to run for. You’ll see the countdown update in the preview at the top of the editor as you make changes.


The Expiration section is where you will decide what happens to the timer when the countdown has finished. There are a few different options:

  • Automatically turn timer off when it ends: this will hide the timer from being visible on the store as soon as the timer has finished.
  • Automatically turn it off after a specific number of days: choose to keep your timer active for a certain number days after the sale has ended! This is a good option to use with the custom text option explained below :)
  • Keep it on until I turn it off manually: this will keep the timer active until you open up the app and manually unpublish the timer.
  • Show custom text when countdown expires: you can use this option to enter a message that will display to your customers, replacing the ‘Message’ that appears during the sale. This is a good option to notify customers of a missed sale, thank them for shopping, etc!