Creating A Daily Timer

One of the options for creating a new timer type is to set a Daily Timer type. You can use this to set a timer that will be a recurring countdown on selected days - you can set it and forget it! An example of a daily timer you might want to use is a countdown to a shipping cutoff at 4pm, for next day delivery.

Once you’ve chosen the ‘Daily timer’ type, you’ll be brought to the editor page. Just make sure that the checkmark is in the ‘Daily timer’ section, like in the following screenshot:

Next, you’ll want to head into the ‘Details’ section, where you can customize the content for your timer to show. Make sure to add a name and message!


The Timing section is the most important part of the daily timer type. Starting with the Timezone, make sure that it’s set correctly - the default will be your timezone settings (according to your Shopify account settings) but you can change this if you’d like!

‘Start time’ will be the start of your countdown for the day, and ‘End time’ is when it will end!

The days of the week picker below is important - make sure to select each day you want to have the timer visible! The selected days will appear in blue, while the unselected days will be grey.

Below the days of the week picker, you have two options for actions on days that the timer is not displayed: you can either choose to Hide timer on unselected days or Show a custom message on unselected days.

Hiding the timer on unselected days will be the default setting, but if you choose to show a custom message, you’ll be able to enter a message into the field that pops open. This will replace the content of the countdown on the days the timer is not set to show.


The last section specific to the daily timer is the Schedule section. The default setting is to Display the timer as long as it’s published, which means that you would need to manually unpublish the timer in order for it to no longer be displayed.

The other option would be to Choose when to hide and display the timer based on a Start and End date. This is a great option if you want to create a timer and then set it to show on the dates selected in the day picker, but only between the days selected during the schedule.

For example:

This timer will show between 9am and 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between October 13th and October 31st. A spooky Halloween sale!