Changing Your Smart Shipping Bar Plan

Smart Shipping Bar offers two plans: A Basic plan (which is free) and a Premium plan (which costs a small monthly fee).

If you want to change plans, or learn more about them, you can see a side-by-side comparison on your Account page. It looks like this:

Starting out

If you have just installed Smart Shipping Bar on your store, you will be on the Basic plan by default. As you can see above, this allows you to publish one bar at a time, and choose from six themes.

If you want to publish more bars — or if you want to have more customization options, performance tracking, and customization options — you can upgrade to the Premium plan!

Upgrading to Premium

Upgrading your plan is easy. All you need to do is visit your Account page and hit that purple ‘Upgrade plan’ button. This will direct you to a fee approval screen that looks like this:The monthly charge will be reflected on your Shopify invoice. Once you’ve approved the charge, you’ll be sent back to your Account page, which should now read “You’re on the Premium plan”.

Downgrading to Basic

If, while on the Premium plan, you should want to downgrade or revert back to the Basic plan, all you need to do is click over to your Account page and hit the 'Downgrade plan' button. You’ll be prompted by a confirmation dialog box, which explains what will happen to your bars if you downgrade, and requests a little bit of feedback about why you decided to downgrade.

Of course, if you change your mind and find yourself missing the features of Premium, you can level up at any time!