Choosing Your Smart Shipping Bar Message

Smart Shipping Bar allows you to display three messages to your customers: the ‘Initial message’, ‘Progress message’, and ‘Success message.' As a customer adds products to the cart and meets the goal, they will see all three messages, so it’s important to make sure you’ve included all relevant information at each stage!

Initial message

The Initial message is the first message your customer will see. This is a good area to advertise what the threshold for free shipping will be! You can display the cart goal to customers by using $goal$ in the message. Using $goal$ will display the price you've set in the Cart goal section, incentivizing customers to add more products to the cart, in order to receive the sweet, sweet discounts! 

Make sure to use $goal$ to display the cart goal in the message. As customers add products to their cart, the number in the bar will change to reflect the remaining amount needed to reach the goal.

Note: While there isn’t an emoji picker button, you can manually add emojis to your messages (if you’re using a Mac) by using cmd+ctrl+space. This will open the emoji selector!

Progress message

As items get added to the cart, the message will change to the Progress message — this will reflect the amount of money remaining to hit the cart goal, as well as a message to encourage adding other items.

Be sure to include $goal$ if you’re wanting to display the amount remaining to meet the goal!

Success message

The Success message will show after customers have added enough products to their cart to meet the cart goal. Here, you’ll want to display a congratulatory notification to celebrate your mutual victory!

No need to add the $goal$ here! Just a friendly message will do just fine.

You can preview all of these messages within the editor by using the preview selector at the bottom bar of the webpage. Simply select the message you wish to preview and it will display at the top of the editor.