How Pixelpop Counts Popup Views

Pixelpop tracks and displays your popup views in a couple different places: on the dashboard, where you'll find the total views for each popup, and on the Account page, where you'll see the totally views for all your popups (along with your monthly allotment).

If you're wondering how these views are calculated, that's a very good question, and you'll be happy to know you're in the right place when it comes to finding an answer. 😊

First things first, popup views are  not the same thing as unique page visits (which you may be familiar with if you use Google Analytics). They are also not synonymous with someone actually seeing a popup on your site. Pixelpop can't confirm whether or not someone's eye balls land on a popup or not—the closest it can get is determining whether or not a page with a popup on it loads in a user's browser.

That means that any time a user lands on a page that includes a popup on it  somewhere, Pixelpop will count it as a view, regardless of whether or not they saw it or clicked on it or registered it in any way.

Let's say you have a popup on a specific collection page with a time delay of five seconds. If a user hangs around on that page for five seconds or more, they'll see the popup and Pixelpop will record it as a view. But if they bounce after two seconds, even though they won't actually see the popup, their visit will still be counted as a view because the popup is "in" the page, just waiting to be shown. 

Here's another thing you should know about popup views: 100 views doesn't necessarily mean 100 people. Ten of those views could very well come from a single person, navigating back and forth from pages that have popups published on them. 

One more thing about popup views—when you  preview your popups (by clicking the Preview link next to each popup on the dashboard) your own popup views will not be captured in your total views. We've added this option to guard against artificially inflating popup views yourself, so we encourage you to use it if you want to see how your popups look without affecting your stats! You can even use this preview link to share unpublished popups with your team (in other words, the button doesn't need to be clicked from the dashboard; it's just a link disguised as a button!)