Targeting Your Pixelpop Popups

Pixelpop allows you to target popups to different visitor segments. Want to thank your Canadian customers for their support by offering free shipping in Canada? Create a popup that displays only to customers with Canadian IP addresses! How about offering up some exclusive content to customers browsing your button-up shirt collection? Create a popup that displays only on the product pages for that category! Targeted popups like these draw a lot more attention than generic ones, while also encouraging sales.

To find the targeting options, head to the third (and final) page of the editor called Options, and then select Target Visitors.


By default, everyone who visits your site will see your popup. If you want to target visitors based on their location, specific pages they visit on your site, or the referral URL, UTM, or ad campaign, you can use the Target Visitors settings under Options

To specify an audience, click  Create New Target and add a brief target name that sums up who or what you are targeting.

Note that you can  Target any of these visitors or  Target all of these visitors by making a selection from the dropdown menu.


To target any of these visitors means to display the popup to anyone who satisfies any one of the conditions; to target all of these visitors means to display the popup to visitors who satisfies every and all conditions.

Target by location

Display your popup to people visiting your site from a specific country. You can choose as many countries as you like!

If you'd like to continue editing your target, click the back button. If you're all done, click  Save & Close.

Target by page

You can use page targeting to display popups on specific pages in your store! Product pages, collection pages, etc. You can target complete URLs or partial URLs for multiple pages (e.g. you could use “pants” to target any page whose URL includes the word “pants”).

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.47.07 PM

Tips for targeting:

  • If you would like your popup to show on the homepage only, type two slashes as your target, like this: // 
  • If you have copied your URL from your browser and are pasting it into the popup editor for your target, make sure that it does not include the final slash in the URL ( as opposed to for example.)
  • You can use the asterisks to bulk target pages or keywords in your store. For example, if you want to target any link that has fancy-hat in it, you can type *fancy-hat* in as the target, like in the example above!

Target by referral URL

Display this popup to people arriving at your site from a specific URL, UTM, or other campaign with a specific reference or referral code. Example: someone clicking to your site from an email newsletter.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.49.00 PM

Target by device

Device targeting is a paid feature, meaning you will have to subscribe to our Starter, Growth, or Pro plans in order to access it. If you do, it will show up between Visitor Actions and Target Visitors on the Options page of the popup editor.

With Pixelpop, you can decide whether to show a popup only to desktop computers, only to mobile devices, or to all visitors across all devices (or, y'know, only those that have been targeted via other options). It's pretty simple!