How to Change Your Pixelpop Plan and Payment Details

Pixelpop comes with four different plans: Basic, Starter, Growth, and Pro. You can compare them by clicking over to your Account page. Here's what that looks like:

Shopify users

Since all Shopify app payments run through Shopify, Shopify users can switch their plan at any time, and the payment will simply appear as a line item on your monthly Shopify bill. You don't have to worry about adding payment details or paying us on time, or anything at all with regards to payment. Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🍋

BigCommerce users

For BigCommerce users, things are a little different. When you switch from a free plan to a paid plan on your Account page, you will be prompted to add your credit card details in a popup that looks like this:

If you have Autofill enabled, you'll be able to choose from previously used credit cards, like so. Otherwise, you'll have to get up and go find you wallet (hey, it's good exercise!).

You'll also need to add your card's expiry date,  CVC code, and either postal or zip code, depending where you and your credit card live. Click the blue Choose Starter/Growth/Pro Plan button and if you've gotten everything right (expiration date that's in the future, zip code that isn't 90210 — probably) then you'll see a little note that looks like this in the top right of your screen:

And easy as that, you've switched plans!

Switching your payment details

Now, let's say you're a happy, paying customer, but your credit card is about to expire or you got a shiny new one that lets you rack up double the travel points or whatever. How do you update your payment details so your popups don't get cut off?

Easy. From the Account page, scroll down past Pixelpop Plan to Account Settings. See where it says Billing Info? Right below Email Syncing? That's where you can edit your card info. Just click Edit card and you'll see this:

Enter the details of your new credit card and hit the green Update Card button. And you're done!

Viewing your invoice

We'll process your payments automatically each month, but if you want to view your invoice at any time, you can do so from your Account page. Just scroll down to Account Settings>Billing info and click the green View invoices link. It looks like this:

Clicking the link will bring up a box containing your Invoice ID and Issue date. Click the green Download link to download your invoice and view it in another tab/window.

Cancelling your plan

If you want to cancel your Pixelpop plan at any time and for any reason, you can do so from your Account page. 

Below the Pixelpop Plan overview, you'll see two links: Contact us if you have any concerns with Pixelpop and Cancel if you no longer wish to use Pixelpop. 

We'd prefer you try the former first, but if it really must be the latter, go ahead and click that grey Cancel link. This will bring up a popup that explains everything you need to know about cancelling your plan:

And there you go! You're free of Pixelpop forever — or until you realize that a life without popups isn't a life at all. We'll be here with open arms when you come crawling back 🤗