Renaming a timer in Countdown Sales Timer

If ever you should tire of name you gave your timer, you can use two methods to rename it.

Renaming timers from your Dashboard

The first option is to rename it from your Dashboard. To do this, you hit the "…" or ellipsis button on the timer you wish to rename.

This will open an action menu with four options: (Un)Publish, Preview, Rename, and Delete. Hit the Rename option to open the rename dialog.

From here, you can enter a new name and hit Save.

Tada! You've renamed your timer.👌

Renaming timers from the Editor

Renaming timers from their respective action menu in the Dashboard is the easiest method, but if you find yourself in the Editor when you get the itch, you can do it from there too. (It's still super easy.)

Just scroll up to the top of the editor where you see Content>Name. Add your new name in the Name field and you're good to go.

Told you it was easy. 

And just a reminder that the names you give your popups will only be seen by you—not your customers. Ideally, your timer names should be descriptive tags to identify each timer, but if you want call one "kooky blackboard acid factory," well, you do you.