Customize your store


You can upload a high-quality image for your background and control how it is displayed and positioned in your theme settings. You can also change the  Background attachment option from Scroll to Fixed so the background does not scroll with your site's content.

Jitensha's background can also be set to a solid color using a hex input in the Theme Settings. Check out Color-Hex to find the right colour and its matching hex value.

Additionally, Jitensha comes with a preset Dark background image, in place of a custom image or solid colour.

Fonts & Colours

All of Jitensha's fonts and colours are customizable. Jitensha’s Theme Settings allow you to customize the theme’s Text, Header, Secondary Header and Button fonts.

Promotional Area

The Promotional Area allows you to feature up to three custom images with a link. This space is great for sales or highlighting your best sellers. To span the full width of the container at all breakpoints, we recommend that your images be at least 1320px wide.

Featured Products

The first four products that appear on your homepage are fetched from any collection of your choosing – same for the secondary product list.

If you don't want to fetch from a preexistent collection, you can always create a new collection that show products handpicked to be on your front page. And don't worry, you can select Hide Collection from Listings, to hide this list from your catalogue.


The sidebar lets you feature recent blog posts on your home page. For a more compressed section, select the option to show posts without excerpt.

The sidebar also includes two navigational drop-down menus. Below your featured blog posts on your home page, customers can Shop by category or Shop by brand. Both options can also be toggled off.


Social Links

Jitensha allows you to easily set up links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and RSS in your footer. Enter in your personal links in the fields provided.

Payment Options

Jitensha footer features convenient and clear icons for denoting what payment types your store accepts—including Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Cirrus, Discover, and Paypal—each togglable within the Theme Settings.