Product management


Jitensha allows you to control how many products are displayed on a single page. Simply enter the desired number in Products per page.

Once you find the balance of the right amount of products, you may choose the display style of your collections as either Grid, which scales product images to mathc, or Flow, which gives more leeway to the natural size of your images while still aligning them neatly on the page.

Finally, you have the additional option to control the height of your images: would you like squares or rectangles? Change the number by multiples of 100 for the best results.

Social sharing tools

Fully integrated into every product page is an animated share this product widget, which allows your customers to share your store’s goods via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and email. No setup required!

External Links

Linking to external content is simple – just make sure to include "http://" before your desired address.