Product management

Collection listing page

You may curate the collection listing page by enabled the  Use specific menu list option. Simply create a new menu list populated with all of the collection handles that you wish the user to view when navigating to

Use this feature if you have collections that you don't want to necessarily promote or if you have too many collections and you want to direct users toward specific ones.

For the Collections page, you have the option of displaying products either 2 per row, 3 per row, or 4 per row. What looks best will depend on your products and images.

Product Zoom

The Enable Product Zooming option – toggled by default – allows users to zoom in and get a closer look at large product images. With this option enabled, any image over 800px in width will automatically include a zoom function.

Related Products

Under the Product Page section of your setting, you can enable the Display related products option to show up to three related products that are pulled from the same collection of the main product.