Basic theme setup

Upload your new theme

If you purchased your theme directly from, you will receive your theme as a .zip file named something like

Once you've downloaded the theme file, go to your Shopify admin dashboard and navigate to Online Store > Themes. Then click Upload theme in the top-right corner. Select your theme file from your computer and click Upload.

Your new theme will show up below your current theme. Once you're ready, click Publish theme to show your new store to the world.

If you purchased the theme directly from Shopify, the uploading of your theme is all handled for you.

Choose a style preset

Atlantic comes packaged with two theme presets that curate your store's colors, fonts, and styles for you. Check out our store demos to see the  Art and Home presets.

Select the preset you would like to use under the Presets section of your theme editor.

Note: applying a preset to your theme will overwrite your current style settings.

Upload a logo

Your store's logo provides branding for your site and a clickable link to return to the homepage.

To replace your store title with a logo, upload a logo image in your theme editor, under the Branding section. The maximum logo size is 300 x 200px. Your uploaded image will be automatically resized to fit within those constraints, but for optimal results you may want to resize it yourself before uploading.

We recommend that you also upload a copy of your logo that is optimized for retina displays (e.g., new iPhones/iPads/MacBook Pros).

What is a retina-optimized image? It's simply a copy of your logo image that is double the size of the original. For example, a regular image at 200 x 200px pixels would be 400 x 400px in order to be optimized for retina displays. Enable and upload your retina logo as you would the original logo, under the Branding section.

Add a contact page


Adding a contact page to your store is a quick and easy way to engage your customers. To create a contact page you will want to create a new page. While creating this page, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select from the Template dropdown menu. Messages sent via this form will be sent to your store's e-mail address.

To receive additional information from your customers, you may enable a simple dropdown that users can select from to provide you with more information. Under the Page with contact form section of your theme editor, fill out the label, default text and at least two options to select from. You can add up to five options.

Set up a navigation menu

Now you can add a link to your contact page — or any other page — in your navigation. To add links to your navigation menu, go to Online Store > Navigation. You'll find two pre-populated two menus: Footer and Menu. You may edit these menus or create your own. See Shopify's instructions on how to set up dropdown menus.

Create a slideshow

Cypress's slideshow supports up to 5 images with an overlaying title, subtitle, and call to action button. The overlaying content can be set to align left, right, or center within the slide image.

The slideshow has a user defined rotation speed and can be set to appear at the full-width of the screen or constrained to the content width.