Startup's blog and article pages

Your Shopify store comes with a powerful built-in blogging engine. Blogs are great for content that you’ll be updating regularly. While many stores maintain only one blog (probably called "News" or "Journal") some create multiple to better categorize information including customer stories, tips, tutorials, FAQs and more.

You'll do all your blogging in the Shopify admin (to get your Shopify blog up and running, see  their instructions), but when it comes to customizing how your blog(s) display, you'll do that within the theme editor. Just navigate to the blog or article page in the theme editor, and you'll see a section pop up, giving you access to settings specific to that page.



Your blog page(s) provides users with an index of your blog posts. Some stores choose to rename this page "News" or "Journal"—what you call it and how you use it is up to you!

To access the settings for these pages, navigate to your blog in the theme editor and then click  Blogunder the Sections tab.


Startup's blog comes with two layouts:  Grid and List. You can flip between them and see how they look in the preview.

The other settings are fairly self-explanatory: you can  Show RSS icon, Show tags (which are added in the post editor of your Shopify admin), Show featured image (ditto), Show post author, and Show comment count (the last two are options with the List layout only). If you are unclear about what any of these mean, just switch it on and watch for the change in the preview.

Article pages


Every time you publish a new article (or post) to your store's blog, Shopify will generate a new page and URL for it. To access the settings for these pages, navigate to a post—any post—in the theme editor and then click Articleunder the Sections tab.


Check  Show tags if you want to do that (You can add tags under Organization on the right side of each post editing screen.) You can also opt to Show post author and Show full-width featured image, the latter of which can be added to the Featured image box for each post. In Startup, featured blog images appear super-sized at the top of each post. Like this: