Pacific's products and collections

Your product and collection pages are the lifeblood of your ecommerce store. They're where you display your products, convey their value, and, if you're lucky, make the sale.

You'll upload and configure your products and collections in the Shopify admin (you can read more about that here), but when it comes to customizing how they display, you'll do that within the theme editor. Just navigate to the page in the theme editor and you'll see a section pop up, giving you access to settings specific to that page. We'll give you the rundown of the settings for each page below.

Product page


The product page is where you highlight the features and benefits of your individual products. At minimum, it should contain the product title, images, a description, the price, and an add-to-cart button. With Pacific, you can customize your product pages by navigating to a product page in the theme editor and clicking on  Product pages under the Sections tab.


Off the top, checking  Enable image zoom means that when a user hovers over a product image, a magnifying glass icon will appear and they will be able to click to get an up-close look at your product. To ensure users on large screens can fully utilize image zoom, we recommend using product images that are at least 1024 x 1024px

Enable cart quantity box means that a box will display on your product pages where users can input the quantity of a product they would like to purchase.

Enable cart redirection means that customers will automatically be sent to the Cart page after adding a product to their cart (as opposed to staying on the page they are currently on).

You can also select the  Layout for your product pages from the dropdown menu. Pacific offers two product page layouts: Single Column and Double Column. Toggle between the two to see how they look in the preview.


Checking Show related products will allow customers to discover other items that are similar to the one they are currently viewing. Related products are automatically pulled from the same collection as the product in view. You can specify the Number of related products that display from the dropdown menu.


Collection pages


A collection page displays all of the products in a given collection. You can configure your collections from within your Shopify admin (more information  here). With Pacific, you can customize your collection pages by navigating to a collection in the theme editor and clicking on Collection pagesunder the Sections tab.


You'll choose the  Layout of your collection pages from the dropdown menu at the top. Pacific's collection pages come with two different layout styles: Grid and Collage. They're pretty self-explanatory, but you can toggle between them and see how they look in the preview.

You can also specify the  Number of products per row and the Number of rows that display on your collection pages using the corresponding dropdown menus.


The Enable sorting gives customers the ability to sort products on your collection pages using a set of options provided in an on-screen dropdown menu.  It looks like this:


Pacific also lets you filter up to three different groups of tags. Setting up filtering requires adding new menu lists, as well as tags to your product pages in the Shopify admin. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Under Online store>Navigation, create a menu for a category of tags you’d like to filter, e.g. “Color” or "Size."
  2. Add as many links as you have tags for that category, e.g. “Black, Blue, Red,” or "Small, Medium, Large." (The URL doesn’t matter, you can just these point to the homepage).
  3. Add the tags to the relevant products pages.
  4. Back in the theme editor, select the categories you want to filter for from the Menu 1, 2, and 3 dropdowns. You'll notice that your choices will appear on your collection pages above your products in the preview. Clicking on one of them (in this example, "Color") will reveal the tags within that filter. Like so:


Note that tags are case-sensitive—make sure your links match up your tags  exactly.


Pacific provides a stock level indicator that accompanies your products and prompts customers to purchase quickly when supplies are limited. Check Enable Indicator, then use the dropdown below to set exactly when to show it.

Collection listings


The collection listings page displays an index of your store's collections. To access the settings for this page, navigate to your catalog or collections page in the theme editor and then click  Collection listings under the Sections tab.


You can control the number of  Collections per row and Number of rows that display on your Collections list page from the dropdowns at the top.

Using the Text style option, you can set the title and/or description text to Overlay or Under image. Additionally, you can choose to display or hide the collection descriptions by using the Show Descriptions option. Note that your collection descriptions will only show if you: a. enable them and b. set the text style to Under images.