Launch's blog and article pages

All Shopify stores come with a powerful built-in blogging engine, which can be used to compose content that is updated regularly. While many stores maintain only one blog (often called "News" or "Journal") some create multiple to better categorize information.

Blog pages

This is where the blog posts are compiled together and presented. There are no Launch settings for this page, so all content would be controlled via the Blog admin. If you'd like to add a similar feature to your homepage, check out  Setting up your homepage with Launch.

Blog article preview block on blog page

Article Pages

Each article page comes with optional social media share buttons for readers to link the article to social media posts on several popular platforms. To enable or disable these, navigate to any article page in the theme editor, or select Blog posts from the page selector dropdown. In the left sidebar settings, open the Article settings and check/uncheck Show share buttons.

5 share buttons on article page

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