Using the theme editor with Launch

While all of your products, collections, pages, and navigation are configured in the Shopify admin, any changes you make to the look and feel of your store will happen in the theme editor. 

Access the theme editor for your Launch theme by navigating to Online Store > Themes then clicking the Customize button to the right of the theme.

Online store with Launch as published theme

The theme editor is divided into two tabs:  Sections and Theme settings

Sections tab

The  Sections tab contains all of the sections that are available to you in Launch. Sections, the building blocks of your store, are used to assemble pages through customizable, movable components. You can add, remove, and reorder sections, as well as access the customization features for each from the Sections tab.

Sections setup in theme editor

Theme settings tab

The  Theme settings tab lets you make global changes to the look of your store, including typography, text and background colors, as well as links to your social media accounts.

Theme settings in Launch Fresh Demo

Most of the time you spend in the theme editor will be on either the  Sections or Theme settings, but there are a few more components to note.

At the bottom of the left side-bar there is a expandable menu called Theme actions

Preview/View theme: Opens a new window displaying how the store appears with current configurations and saved settings.

Edit code: Access to the theme files that can be used to make changes to the theme's code. Changes to these files should be completed by a developer fluent in Liquid, the code language used by Shopify. Check out Pixel Union's preferred partners for customizations to the theme code.

Edit languages: These settings are accessed to change the language of your theme and checkout, as well as customize the text content throughout your theme.

Device selector in right-side preview

Above the right-side preview, you can change the device view. This allows you to get a sense of how your store appears in mobile (left), desktop with settings sidebar (center), and full-window desktop (right).

Theme Styles

Launch comes packaged with three theme styles that curate your store's colors, fonts, and styles for you. Check out our store demos to see the  BoldFresh, and Cool presets.

To select the theme style you would like to use in your store, click  over to the  Theme settings tab, then scroll all the way to the bottom to the Change theme style button. Here, you can preview the theme styles and select the one that's right for your store.

Launch's style selector in theme editor

Note that applying and saving a new theme style will overwrite your current style settings, however you will not lose any content from your store. It's always a good idea to make a  backup copy of your theme before you start making customizations. Use the duplicate copy as your working version until you're ready to publish it.

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