Atlantic's blog and article pages

Your Shopify store comes with a built-in blogging engine. Blogs are great for content that you’ll be updating regularly. While many stores maintain only one blog (probably called "News" or "Journal") some create multiple to better categorize information including customer stories, tips, tutorials, FAQs and more.

You'll do all your blogging and customizing of the layout of each blog post in the Shopify admin (to get your Shopify blog up and running, see  their instructions).

Blog pages

Your blog page(s) provides users with an index of your latest blog posts. Some stores choose to rename this page "News" or "Journal"—what you call it and how you use it is up to you!


Select whether or not to Show breadcrumbs by checking the box at the top. Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation that show the current location of a visitor on your website, and how they got there (think Hansel and Gretel). Note that there are multiple places where breadcrumbs can appear on your site, but checking this setting will affect only your blog pages.


Atlantic gives you the option of displaying a sidebar on your blog page(s). You can opt to  Show recent posts or Show tags by checking the boxes (you can also show both!). The former will display a list of links to your four most recently published posts, while the latter will show the tags you've used to categorize posts—plus a tally of how many posts use each tag.


Atlantic comes with two distinct pagination styles:  Standard pagination and Jump-to-page pagination. The former allows users only to click through pages in sequence (displaying as "Page 1 of 5" with "Previous" and "Next" links), while the latter allows users to jump to the page they want (displaying links to all the pages in a collection). Note that while you can set the pagination for your store in a few different places, this setting applies only to the pagination of your blog pages.

Article pages

Every time you publish a new article (or post) to your store's blog, Shopify will generate a new page and URL for it. To access the settings for these pages, navigate to a post—any post—in the theme editor and then click  Article pagesunder the Sections tab.

Here, you'll be able to choose whether or not to  Show breadcrumbs (see explanation under Blog Pages) as well as which sidebar content (if any) you wish to display. You can find an explanation for that under Blog pages too!