How to offer discounts to your customers

Shopify provides a wide variety of discounts. Whether you want to give your customers $10 off purchases above a certain value or a 10% off all products in a collection, this article will show you how to tailor and manage your discounts.

From your Dashboard sidebar, go into the Discounts section. Once there, click the button to Add a discount in the top-right corner.

Getting down to the discount details

First, you will need to settle on a discount code, which the customer will enter within the Shipping & Payment section of checking out. You can either have Shopify create a random one for you – by clicking Generate code – or have some fun coming up with your own code (special characters welcome!).

At this point, you will also want to decide whether this specific discount code can be used a limited or unlimited number of times.

Setting up a discount type

There are three main kinds of discounts: dollar value, percentage, and free shipping. Select one of three and set a value for the discount if needed.

Then, choose the conditions of your discount, controlling what the discount applies to, whether it is a specific product or an entire collection. It's even possible to have the discount apply only to a select group of customers (for example, to those who live in Canada or who spend over $100.00).

Finally, set the date range for when the discount applies by using the drop-down calendar. Hit Save Discount and repeat as needed.

Managing your discounts

After your discount codes have been set up, you can review them all together, filter them, and track how many times they have been used. While discounts cannot be edited after they are created, they can be disabled at any time and expired discounts can be re-enabled.