How do I add my Instagram photos to my Tumblr?

You can add your Instagram photos to your Tumblr in a couple different ways. It depends on how you want your Tumblr and Instagram accounts to speak to each other. Do you want your photos to appear as photo posts to Tumblr, or would you like them to be in a separate section that clearly labels them as Instagram photos?

Use a Tumblr theme with an Instagram widget

Some Tumblr themes include an Instagram section where your Instagram feed lives alongside your Tumblr blog. It works the same way that adding a Twitter widget does.

Make sure your Tumblr theme supports Instagram integration

From your Tumblr dashboard, click on the dropdown menu on the right-hand side that’s labelled with your primary blog’s name and URL. Then choose the blog you want to add your Instagram to and click Customize to enter your theme’s customization settings. Your theme supports Instagram if you have a text field labelled Instagram Access Token (although other theme manufacturers might use slightly different language).

Retrieving your Instagram Access Token

Before your Instagram widget can function properly, you need to retrieve your Instagram Access Token. This allows your Tumblr to access your Instagram posts and display them. You can get your token by using our Instagram authorization tool.

Adding Instagram in your theme settings

Once you’ve copied your token, you can go to your Tumblr theme customization settings and scroll down to the Instagram Access Token section and paste your token.

Setting up Tumblr and Instagram with IFTTT

IFTTT is a free service that lets your social services work with each other to do lots of neat things. In this case, you can have all of your Instagram photos automatically posted as photo posts on your Tumblr blog. Once you’ve created an IFTTT account, you will be able to connect to your Tumblr and Instagram accounts and create recipes for how they work together. IFTTT already has a list of Tumblr-Instagram recipes you might be interested in.

Setting up your theme for Flickr integration

If you’re really into photography and need even more, many themes also allow for Flickr widgets.