How do I add a Twitter widget to my Tumblr

You can add a Twitter widget to many Tumblr themes. After setting one up, the Twitter widget shows recent tweets to your followers and also gives Twitter permission to tweet links to your recent Tumblr posts. In order for this to work, you need to give your Tumblr account permission to connect to your Twitter account.

How do I give Tumblr permission to access my Twitter account?

From your Tumblr dashboard, click on the gear along the top navigation bar to go to your General Settings.

  1. On this page, find the section called Twitter.
  2. Click the Share to Twitter button and authorize Tumblr access to tweet by logging in with your Twitter username and password. After authentication, your settings will be saved automatically.
  3. From your Tumblr's customization settings, make sure that the theme's Display Twitter Feed or Show Latest Tweet option is toggled on.

I can't enable Twitter in my Tumblr settings

If you can't enable a Twitter feed, first make sure your blog is not private or password protected. If enabling Twitter still doesn’t allow the Twitter feed to work, the theme might not support a Twitter feed.  Make sure you have correctly installed your Tumblr theme and check to see if the theme's creator has included information about Twitter in the theme's documentation.

Setting up Twitter and Tumblr in IFTTT

If you would like to cross-post between your Twitter and Tumblr accounts but your Tumblr theme of choice doesn't support a good-looking Twitter widget, consider trying to connect the services with IFTTT. You could even have another account automate new posts on Tumblr for you. Check out IFTTT's Tumblr Channel to see what kind of triggers and actions are possible.