Kodiak Theme Manual

Please note that this theme currently has limited support, meaning we may provide bug fixes and security updates, but are not regularly updating it. As of March 31, 2018 we will be discontinuing support completely for our WordPress and Tumblr products. Thank you for understanding.


Kodiak is as close to being a magazine as themes can get. It's our first horizontally-scrolling theme, loaded with features like a tags tab, "smart" infinite scroll, and a brand new custom photoset mechanic. The second and most visually unique of our 3-theme Alaskan suite, Kodiak is simultaneously lightweight and luxurious.

Horizontal & Infinite Scroll

As noted above, Kodiak scrolls horizontally, and features togglable infinite scroll (on by default). Content is displayed in a 500px-tall main-view feed designed to resemble a kind of endless book or magazine. Clicking on any post will expand the view, enlarging the clicked post but still allowing key-toggled scrolling. Whether you're in the main or expanded view, Kodiak allows your content to be navigated by both the arrow keys and j&k keys.


Kodiak's infinite scroll also holds/records your place in the main view: if you're in the expanded view and on the fiftieth post over, and you close the expanded view, Kodiak returns you to the post from which you expanded. Lastly, post content remains vertically-centered regardless of your browser window's size.

Customizable Photosets

Being a horizontal theme, Kodiak treats photosets a little bit differently than other themes. Photosets are displayed in paneled groups, like so:


The width of these panels is totally customizable. Within the customization sidebar, you can enter any width above 0px to set as the default width of these "panels." It's just one way in which Kodiak allows you to really dig into its appearance and make it your own.

Tags Tab

Among Kodiak's most novel features is the Tag Tab within the main view's sidebar, setup by inputting any series of tags into the customization sidebar's "Tags Title" field. Why do this? For photographers and artists especially, this creates a useful "table of contents" or content-type index that can allow your readers to click on any of the tags in the tag bar, repopulating the index view with posts tagged as such.


For instance, say you have a lot of black and white photos on your blog. Put "B&W," into the tags list in the customization sidebar, and, when that tag is clicked in the sidebar, Kodiak will automatically populate the index view with all posts tagged with "B&W." It's a convenient, reader-friendly way to organize and present your content with hardly any additional work.

Tags or Profile Open on Load

Kodiak's Customization Sidebar features two load options, enabling either the Tag or Profile tab to be open by default upon loading your blog's page.

Kodiak is a Visual Theme

Simply put, Kodiak is designed for imagistic content: photos, photosets, and videos. It does not support text posts.

Additional Pages / Text Post Workaround

While text posts aren't necessarily supported, Kodiak does support additional pages. Text can be input into a new page, and that new page linked to in the main page's sidebar.

General Settings

Facebook Commenting

Kodiak supports Facebook, not Disqus, commenting. Setting up FB comments is easy:

  • First, head to the Facebook Developer site, sign up and click on Set Up New App.
  • Input any name you'd like for your hypothetical app (you're not actually making one, don't worry), agree to the ToS and click Create. You're almost done!
  • Input your Contact Email (in Basic Info) as well as your blog's URL into the "Site URL" box (in the Website tab) and save your changes.
  • Copy the App ID located just below your app's name and you're all set. Now head back to your blog and input your App ID into the "Facebook API ID" field in the customization sidebar, and make sure you've checked "Facebook Comments On."

Round or Square Avatar

Kodiak can be customized to display your Avatar or Portrait photo (in the Profile tab) within either a square or round container.


Like its sibling themes in our Alaskan suite, Kodiak is very minimally pigmented. Nonetheless, the Accent and Accent Hover colors are fully customizable within the customization sidebar.

Recent Tweets in Profile Tab

Kodiak comes hardcoded to display 4 recent tweets in your Profile Tab. We didn't arbitrarily choose that number, of course: it's 4 to best-fit Kodiak's 500px height constraint.

Social Media

Kodiak's customization sidebar features easy URL or username setup to: Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Svpply, Google+, Foursquare, Vimeo, Gowalla, Youtube, Rdio, Flickr, LastFM, LinkedIN, Github, and Skype. Links to these are displayed as text in the Social Links tab within the main view's sidebar.