Aperture Theme Manual

Please note that this theme currently has limited support, meaning we may provide bug fixes and security updates, but are not regularly updating it. As of March 31, 2018 we will be discontinuing support completely for our WordPress and Tumblr products. Thank you for understanding.

Galleries Menu

Aperture features an easy-to-setup Galleries sub-menu, which allows you to create and organize an index of your work using your posts' tags. Simply enter the tags you'd like to create a gallery with into the "Galleries" field in the customization options. Aperture-2   For example, say you wanted to create separate galleries for your illustration and photographic work. Tag your illustration posts with "Illustration," and your photography with "photography." Then, head to the customization options and enter "Illustration, Photography" into the Galleries field. Save your work, and you'll have two tidy new tabs waiting for you when you refresh the page.

Grid and Slideshow View

Readers are given the option of a Grid or Slideshow view, allowing them to enjoy your work as a cascading reel or an all-at-once tiled spread. Views can be toggled between using two unobtrusive but easily-located icons in the lower-right corner. Aperture-1

Smart image height

When enabled, Aperture's smart image height option resizes your images to the height of the viewer's browser window, so that your images are always entirely in view.

Instagram Feed

Aperture's About screen features an 8-picture Instagram feed, easily set up in the customization options. Just head here to retrieve your access token, and plug it into the corresponding field in the customization options. Done!

Flickr Feed

Aperture's Flickr feed is even easier to setup. Simply input your Flickr ID into the corresponding field in the customization options and you're all set. Just like the Instagram feed, your Flickr feed will display in the About screen.

Twitter Feed

Toggling Aperture's Twitter feed will show your 3 most recent tweets in the About screen. In addition to the "Enable Twitter Feed" option in the customization screen, head to your blog's general settings and make sure to login with your Twitter account.

Tablet-Responsive Layout

Aperture will scale and adjust its layout to fit tablet devices (but not phones).


The recommended size for Aperture's avatar photo is 172x172 px.


Aperture uses Facebook commenting only, setup by inputting your Facebook Username (the stuff after "http://facebook.com/" when you're looking at your timeline) in the corresponding field in the customization options.

Social Media

Aperture has links and easy setup to: Bandcamp, Behance, Delicious, DeviantArt, Digg, Dribbble, Etsy, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Github, Google+, Instagram, LastFM, LinkedIN, Myspace, Pinboard, Pinterest, Rdio, Skype, Soundcloud, Spotify, Squarespace, Steam, Stumbleupon, Svpply, Vimeo, and YouTube. Aperture also supports Google Analytics, using your GA Property ID.