Lytton Theme Manual

Please note that this theme currently has limited support, meaning we may provide bug fixes and security updates, but are not regularly updating it. As of March 31, 2018 we will be discontinuing support completely for our WordPress and Tumblr products. Thank you for understanding.

Lytton stands alone. Named after the Northernmost peak in the Cascadian range, Lytton is all about impact and character. It comes loaded with tons of header, background, and typography options to help you build the perfect blog.

Feature Overview

  • Fully responsive and scales to fit any size device and browser.
  • Extensively customizable single-channel theme for virtually any use.
  • Create and customize a bold landing page with Lytton's full-screen background and header options. Choose from dozens of options to create a totally unique experience
  • Lytton supports all content types and additional pages.
  • Keep your followers connected with links to more than 20 social media sites.

General Appearance


We've made it incredibly easy to create nearly any kind of background combination with Lytton.

  • Upload a Background image.
  • Use the Background color picker to choose your blog's background color.
  • Enable Fixed Background Image to attach the image to the screen, instead of having it scroll with your content.
  • Background Position dropdown:
  • Fullscreen will stretch your image across the entire width and height of your blog.
  • Horizontally Scaled, Blended will scale your image horizontally across the screen while keeping its aspect ratio intact, and will add a subtle gradient at the bottom to blend your image with your chosen background color.
  • Original Size simply centers your image while keeping its original size.
  • Tiled will repeat your uploaded image across the entire window. Best used with pattern images.
  • Header Banner will scale your image only within the header area of your blog.
  • Header Tiled will repeat your uploaded image across the entire header.

Set the  Overlay Opacity from 0% to 80% to use the background color as a transparent overlay and create the perfect blend of color to image. If using one of the Header background position options, the Header color will abide by this setting as well.


Lytton comes with a plethora of options to create a unique and personalized header for your blog.

  • Header content: use the Display LogoDisplay Avatar toggles, the Title and Tagline input fields, and the Logo image uploader to define your blog's header content.
  • Header branding: we've given you font variations of Roboto, Raleway, Montserrat, and Georgia to choose from for your Title Style and Tagline Style options.
  • Header Height: choose from 4 options to set the defined height of your header. Note that all header heights collapse to automatic height on mobile devices.
  • Small - 320px.
  • Regular - 480px.
  • Large - 620px.
  • Fullscreen will expand the header to the height of your browser window on the home page, and introduce a call-to-action arrow indicating your blog content below. Permalink and Tag/Search pages will display the Regular height header.

Header elements: depending on your header's background color or image, you may choose from Light or Dark elements. Social Icons: although your social media icons are displayed in the footer by default, you can enable Header Social Icons to display them top center in your header. Custom navigation items: you may choose to display the Search field, Random post link, Archive link, and RSS feed link in your navigation by toggling their respective options. Additionally, any custom pages created will link from the navigation.

Infinite Scroll

Lytton loads its content in pages by default. However, you can toggle  Click To Load Posts to enable dynamic-loading of more posts, without having to reload the page.

Custom Footer Text

Use the  Footer Text input to display a custom note or copyright in the footer.

Social Media Links

Display icons linking to over 20 other social media by simply inputting your username or URL. You may choose to display these links in the footer or header of your blog.

Post and Page Settings

Customizable Content Width

Lytton allows you to choose from 3 container widths:

  • Wide - 1060px. This option will also constrain all posts except for Photo, Photoset, and Video posts to a 720px maximum width inside the container.
  • Regular - 860px.
  • Narrow - 640px.

Photoset Display Options

By default Photosets are displayed exactly how they are arranged in the Tumblr dashboard. If you wish to display them in hi-resolution you can enable  Display Stacked Photosets to instead stack the photos and expand them as large as possible while remaining within their natural dimensions.

Photo Post Title

If the Detect Photo Post Titles option is toggled in your settings, photo posts will detect text wrapped with 'h1' tags and hoist them to the top as the post's title.


Lytton supports  Facebook and Disqus commenting systems.

  • To setup Facebook commenting, simply input your Facebook Username and API ID and check the "Facebook Comments" box within the customization options.
  • To enable Disqus commenting, all you have to do it supply your Disqus Shortname. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a free account over at They'll give you a Disqus Shortname, and all you need to do is pop it into the appropriate field in your blog's customization sidebar.

Google Analytics

Lytton comes with built-in support for Google Analytics tracking. Just create a new property for your Tumblr address and paste the tracking ID in to the  GA Property ID field.

Custom Pages

Lytton supports additional pages. Simply create a new custom page in the customization panel, and a link will be displayed in your header's navigation links.

World-class customer support

Our support staff is committed to helping you solve any problems you encounter along the way. Exceptional, human support matters to us a great deal. Contact us or check our help centre if you need any help at all.