Countdown Sales Timer FAQs

How many timers can I create?

As many as you want! If you want to get creative with specific timers for specific product and collection pages, go ahead. That’s actually a great idea.

What browsers does Countdown Sales Timer support?

We support whatever browsers Shopify supports. Since our app is always viewed from within your Shopify store, we need only  support the browsers that it supports.

As of April 2017, that supported list is as follows:

How much does Countdown Sales Timer cost?

Great question! Easy answer: Countdown Sales Timer costs a mere $5.99 USD per month. And you get the first 7 days free when you install it for the first time.

How do I pay for it?

Countdown Sales Timer is a Shopify app sold through the App Store, which means you’ll be billed through your Shopify account, with “Countdown Sales Timer” appearing as a line item on your Shopify invoices.

What happens if I uninstall before my free trial is up?

As long as you uninstall before the end of your free trial, you won’t be charged anything. Once your trial expires, then your monthly payment will kick in.

Is there a monthly impression limit?

Absolutely not! Not only does Countdown Sales Timer let you rack up as many impressions as possible with no penalty for overages, we encourage it.

How do I cancel my plan or uninstall the app?

You can easily cancel from the Apps page in your Shopify dashboard. Just click the little trashcan beside our app name. If you do cancel, we would appreciate any feedback you have for us.

Can I sign up for a second free trial?

We wish we could give unlimited free trials to all of our friends, but frankly that is a poor business strategy. Once you’ve signed up for a 7-day free trial, you won’t be able to sign up for another trial.