How to Integrate Your Pixelpop Popups with Conversio

Conversio is an all-in-one-marketing dashboard that allows merchants to automate their marketing and transactional emails, plus a whole bunch of other stuff including product recommendations, customer reviews, and search functionality. Pixelpop integrates with Conversio's newsletter function, giving merchants the ability to automatically sync email addresses collected by their popups with customer lists in Conversio. 

To get started, all you'll need is a Pixelpop account and access to a Conversio account with newsletter functionality.

Step One: Create a list in Conversio

Log in to Conversio (or create an account here) and click Newsletters>Customer Lists from the left sidebar menu. If you already have a list you’d like to use, great! You can skip to Step Two. If not, click the green Create New Customer List button to the right and give your list a name. On the next screen, you'll can either add emails manually (by clicking Add email) or import subscribers from a list (Import email list). Once you've connected Pixelpop, emails will be synced automatically.


Step Two: Create a newsletter popup

Log in to your Pixelpop account from your Apps page. You can either connect Conversio to an existing Email Signup popup, or click the purple New Popup button to create and connect to a new one. To create a new popup, follow the instructions here, choosing Email Signup from the New Popup screen.

Step Three: Connect your popup to Conversio

You can connect your popup to Conversio in three places: from your Pixelpop dashboard (click the Email link below your Email Signup popup), from your Account page (under Account Settings) or from within the popup editor. Here's the rundown:

Connecting from the dashboard:

After you’ve created an Email Signup popup, you can connect it to a mailing list by clicking the purple Select mailing list button right below your popup.


This button will appear if your popup has not yet been integrated with a mailing list—it doesn’t matter if it’s published or not. Once you’ve clicked it, an Email Collection window will pop up to help you customize the connection.

Choose Conversio from the Sync with mailing service section. This will prompt you to enter an API Key, which you'll find in your Conversio Settings (Account>Settings in the sidebar). Under the Settings header, it will say something like: "Your company, Pixel Union, uses this API Key: #########" (only it will be a whole lot longer and uglier). Copy and paste this key into Pixelpop and hit the green Authenticate button.

After a few seconds of "authenticating," you will be prompted to select your Mailing list from the dropdown.

Click Save changes and you're done! Now, anyone who gives you their email via this popup will automatically be added to this list in Conversio.

Note: Emails may take up to 15 minutes to sync to your mailing service. Enabling double opt-in may also result in your email list numbers not matching your Pixelpop email collection metrics.

If you want to change the list your emails are collected to, or disconnect from your mailing service at any time, simply click the Emails link next to your newsletter.

Connecting from the popup editor:

If you’re creating a new popup or editing an existing Email Signup popup, you can enable email syncing from within the editor. Under Options, click the green Connect link under the Sync emails heading at the top.


This brings up the same Email Collection dialog as connecting through the dashboard. Follow the steps above to toggle the connection on, choose Conversio, authenticate (if you haven't already), and select your list. Click the green Save changes button. To edit your connection preferences at any time, click on the green Emails link from your dashboard.

Connecting from the Account Settings:

The last place you can connect to your popups to Conversio is from the Account Settings on your Account page. You'll see the options below your Pixelpop Plan:

account-page-settingsClick the green Connect link below "Conversio" and enter your API Key, which you'll find in your Conversio Settings (Account>Settings in the sidebar). Under the Settings header, it will say something like: "Your company, Pixel Union, uses this API Key: #########." Copy and paste this key into the API Key field and hit Authenticate.


Why can’t I see the emails immediately in Conversio?

Pixelpop works fast, but it can still take a few minutes to transfer new emails from the app to your MailChimp list. Have faith! They’ll get there.

Why are there emails in the email CSV that aren’t in Conversio?

There’s a few reasons why the number of email addresses in your CSV file might not match up exactly with the number in Conversio. For one, Conversio will filter out emails it thinks are “fake,” such as “” or “” Conversio also doesn’t recognize “role addresses,” meaning emails that start with “info@” and “help@” and “webmaster@” might appear in a CSV file but not on your MailChimp list.

What will happen if I de-authorize Conversio from “Account Settings”?

Disconnecting Conversio from your account settings will automatically disconnect all of your email signup popups from Conversio at once, even if they’re unpublished. Your popups will no longer sync with Conversio, however emails will continue to be captured and stored by Pixelpop (you can download a CSV file of them at any time).

If you decide to reconnect Conversio, your popups will remain disconnected from Conversio until you re-enable them individually. This can be done from the Email Connection dialog box, accessed through either your dashboard or the popup editor.

If I delete my popup will I lose the subscribers that added from that popup?

You will no longer be able to access the CSV, however the emails captured will remain in Conversio.

I see a red error bar at the top of my dashboard. Why?

If you delete a Conversio list that a popup is currently connected to, Pixelpop will warn you that any emails being captured will no longer be connected to the Conversio list. Make sure to change your list in the Email Connection window!

Are there any limits to the number of emails Pixelpop will collect and send to Conversio?

Nope! Pixelpop will gather as many emails as possible and automatically sync them to Conversio. You can never have too many friends!