How to Automatically Sync Emails Captured By Your Pixelpop Popups to Your Email Marketing Service

Pixelpop collects and stores emails out-of-the-box, but to make things even easier, it also integrates with two powerful email marketing tools to help you build your mailing lists. These services are Conversio (an all-in-one marketing dashboard) and MailChimp (the world's leading email marketing platform).

The first step to integrating your popups with your email marketing platform is choosing one and getting set up with an account. We won't try to sway you one way or the other—we'll let them take care of that—but we will say they're both excellent choices. Once you're a happy Conversio or MailChimp customer, you're ready to create some lists and sync some popups.

Creating a list

The first thing you need to do is create a list in your email marketing service of choice. You might even want to create multiple if you're going to be collecting emails for different purposes (though keep in mind that most email marketing services also allow you to segment your mailing lists).

The process for setting these up varies between providers, but it is invariably simple. In MailChimp, the screen looks like this:


In Coversio, you'll be looking at this:


For a complete walkthrough of the list creation process, see our documentation on How to Integrate Your Popups with MailChimp (and Conversio).

Creating a popup

To sync your emails with an email marketing service, you'll first need to create an Email Signup popup. It's super easy, but if you need a little extra help, you'll find it here. The most important thing is that you select Email Signup from this screen, then follow the prompts until it's published.


Make 'em talk to each other

There are actually three ways you can connect your popup to your email marketing service: from your Pixelpop dashboard (click the  Email link below your Email Signup popup), from your Account page (under Account Settings) or from within the popup editor (from Sync Emails under the Options tab). They're all equally great options, and equally straightforward. If you're looking for a detailed explanation, you'll find it here (and here).

And that's it! You're building your email lists while you sleep. Feels good.